The biblical injection that, it takes two to walk together except they agreed is what took place between Nsisong Peter and OttehOtteh at IkotEkon in AbakL.G.A the event which attracted friends, associates, in-laws and people from all walks of life, The guest were treat with different Annang delicacies traditional called UdiaIbengeby the bride family
The chairman of the occasion said, marriage was instituted by God and it is honourable, therefore the marriage bed should not be defiled. He implored Nsisong and otteh to live peacefully in their home.
The bride and groom were ushered in with pomp and ceremonies were later joined traditionally.
Nsisong and otteh decided to solidify their union in Christian perspective as they exchange their marital vows at The Apostolic Church Housing Estate, Uyo Field.
The couple were joined and pronounced as husband and wife by the Area Superintendent, Apostle M. Ebong
The ceremony featured exchange of rings, prayers for the couple, singing of marriage register by the couple.
The minister on his sermon admonished the couple that marriage is made for two, therefore there should be no third party in their marriage. He further charged the husband to love the wife as himself and the wife to submit and respect the husband.
At the reception, the chairman implored the couple not to seek advice from people as this will bring third party into their marriage, rather they should seek God’s counsel and direction as they do everything in oneness.
The high points of the occasion were, cutting of the wedding cake, feeding each other publicly, toast for the couple and display of different dance steps by the couple with friends and well-wisher.

__________Happy marriage life to Mr. & Mrs. Otteh Otteh.


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