Marriage is an institution ordained by God and sustained by love in order to strengthening the marital bond.
In keeping faith with this, Living Faith Church organized couples night, this was done to allow couples exchange pleasantries, dine and wine, share jokes and encourage one another towards fulfilling the ultimate goal of companionship and sustain relationship.
A fulfilled husband and father, Pastor Andrew Uwem Essien admonished couples to always service their marriages with love and understanding in order to find joy in the union. He further emphasized on the need to share dreams, communicating with each other, giving pet names, exchange gift as well as fashion marriage on Biblical standard.

The keynote speaker Elder John Uwame speaking on Family Frank, sincere and honest talk, advised couples to anchor their marriage on basic fundamentals of life, for a purposeful living. These fundamentals he said includes; how is your past life, how is your relationship with parents, employer and the Church, what is your family background, your spiritual standing, marital and family life plan as well as your understanding of God’s principles on relationships.

It is important to exposing couples to event of this nature to avoid broken marriage as being experienced today.


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